AALAS Higher Education Standards

The Higher Education Standards Supplement to the General Standards offers specific guidance to educators in colleges and universities who are moving from lecture to Flipped Learning. These additional standards identify research-based, instructional principles that help professors effectively implement global best practices while avoiding typical mistakes.


  • Understand the principles of andragogy in designing courses and lessons
  • Help students understand why they are learning the concepts
  • Help students to see the big ideas
  • Build bridges between researchers and practitioners
  • Explain Flipped Learning in your syllabus, including the benefits, and a short summary of the research supporting Flipped Learning
  • Adapt flipped instructional techniques to make them effective with large groups
  • Ensure courses are designed with input from subject-matter experts and instructional designers
  • Develop at least one student project throughout the semester
  • Provide assessments that involve the creation of real-life products or the use of real-life skills
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