AALAS Student Standards

The Student Standards are a Flipped Learning roadmap to help educators guide students from passive to active learning. These standards offer essential practices for effective student participation in a flipped class. The guidelines encourage students to take ownership of their learning. They are organized into three domains.


  • Students engage in the work
  • Students are self-directed and motivated
  • Students take an active role in their own learning
  • Students identify when it's best to work alone and when it's best to collaborate
  • Students take initiative and drive the learning
  • Students think critically and creatively
  • Students report technical issues right away
  • Students are comfortable making mistakes as part of the learning process
  • Students complete all of the pre-class work
  • Students learn to watch flipped videos effectively
  • Students use a note-taking system for pre-class media
  • Students write down questions as they complete the pre-class work
  • Students pause, rewind, and rewatch videos as needed
  • Students watch video lessons without distraction
  • Students ask questions when there is something they don't understand from the pre-work
  • Students use concepts from the pre-class work to engage in class discussion
  • Students are active participants in the group space
  • Students communicate ideas and collaborate with others
  • Students use their time in class effectively
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