AALAS PD Standards

The Flipped Learning PD Standards provide assurances to educators, schools, and school districts that the training they receive is rigorous, current, validated by peer review, and grounded in the latest international research and global best practices.  They are organized into four domains for clarity.  When procuring professional development, coordinators, school administrators, and school leaders should use these standards to evaluate training options.


  • Training is based on the most current global research
  • Training is grounded in global best practices
  • Training involves a consistent, coherent framework
  • Training is peer-reviewed and accredited
  • Training is facilitated by certified facilitators
  • Training covers guidelines for students
  • Training covers key principles of effective videos
  • Training includes multiple planning strategies
  • Training includes multiple differentiation strategies
  • Training is culturally responsive to the local community
  • Training recognizes the need to differentiate guidelines for different disciplines
  • Online training component follows best practices for online course design
  • Training includes active group space strategies
  • Training is delivered via flipped format
  • Training requires participants to demonstrate competency
  • Training includes an ongoing post-training support system
  • Training stresses the importance of building relationships
  • Training emphasizes global collaboration and embeds it into the training
  • Training covers pitfalls and common mistakes
  • Training includes a proven process to transition classrooms, schools, and school districts to Flipped Learning
  • Training supports on-going professional development
  • Training model is based on an evolving versus static view of Flipped Learning
  • Training covers the Flipped 3.0 framework
  • Trainers participate in a system to ensure trainer on-going competency and currency
  • Trainers provide evidence of ongoing professional development
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