The Summit
The Flipped Learning 3.0 Global Standards Summit


FL 3.0 Global Standards Summit – On November 13, 2018, the Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences, MEF University, and the Flipped Learning Global Initiative will hosted the Flipped Learning 3.0 Global Standards Summit to present the first comprehensive map of effective Flipped Learning best practices. The Summit brought together delegates from around the world who participated in curating the 187 international best practices to discuss their implications for the future of Flipped Learning worldwide


Global Standards Co-chairs The Summit featured 10-minute briefings from the Global Standards Project chairpersons including: Dr. Eric Mazur, the Balkanski Professor of Physics at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education; Dr. Caroline Fell Kurban, Director of MEF University’s Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching in Turkey; Dr. Raul Santiago Campion, Professor of Didactics and Pedagogy at University of La Rioja, Spain; Dr. Gwo-Jen Hwang, Chair Professor, Graduate Institute of Digital Learning and Education, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology; Robyn Brinks Lockwood, instructor, Stanford Language Center; and Jon Bergmann, Chairman and Chief Academic Officer of the Flipped Learning Global Initiative.  The Summit included a special briefing from Dr. Muhammed Sahin, Rector of MEF University — the first fully flipped university in the world. 


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All presentations will be limited to 10 minutes.

  • Opening Presentation – A Global Road Map to  Greater Flipped Learning Effectiveness – Jon  Bergmann
  • Going Global or Falling Behind – Errol St.Clair Smith
  • A Higher Education  Take on the Global Standards – Robyn Brinks Lockwood
  • The Need for a New University Model – Dr. Eric Mazur
  • How MEF Created a New University Model – Dr. Muhammed Sahin
  • A K-12 Take on the Global Standards – Jon Bergmann
  • How Global Standards Enable International Collaboration – Dr. Caroline Fell Kurban
  • Looking Beyond What We Already Know About Flipped Learning – Dr. Raul Santiago
  • Localizing the Global Standards for Specific Countries and Cultures – Dr. Gwo-JenHwang
  • Recognition of Charter Adopters
  • International Flipped Learning Award Presentation
  • Closing Presentation


Delegates: The Flipped Learning Global Standards Summit was held in Istanbul, Turkey at MEF University — the first fully flipped university in the world. Attendance was free, but seats were limited.  Invited guests who did not attend The Summit in person were able to access the live stream of The Summit in real time. Attendees were also able to tour MEF University to see Flipped Learning at scale.


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