Global Standards Project Process

Process and Timetable

The Global Standards Project used the Delphi Research Method to establish an international framework for benchmarking Flipped Learning training and practice worldwide. The process had four stages: Organization, aggregation, framework drafting, and adoption. See details, project timeline, and project updates below:

Organization  | October 2017 – February 2018

  • Jumpstart – International Faculty opens the global discussion, v.1.0 training standards adopted
  • Expanded scope definition – a framework for Flipped Learning practices proposed
  • Co-chairs selection
  • Delegate selection and briefings

Aggregation and Analysis | February – May 2018

  • Anonymous submission and open forums
  • Call for best practices, aggregation
  • Analysis and criteria definition
  • Delegate voting

Drafting the Framework | June – August 2018

  • Executive committee analysis
  • Draft of the proposed standards framework

Adoption | September – October 2018 

  • Publish for community comments
  • Amendments
  • Adopt and publish

How to Participate

If you are a designated delegate, you now have access to the Global Standards Project community. We have set up five open-ended surveys to collect your recommendations and five forums where you can discuss all of the proposed standards with other delegates, faculty members, and peers.  You should have received email instructions on how to submit recommendations and discuss the options. If you have not received delegate instructions, contact

Project Updates

April 18th – Fast track schedule planned for terminology standards.

The Global Standards project leadership team has set an accelerated timeline to complete the definition of an international glossary of terms for the Global Standard Project. Common terms are so essential to the process that completing the definitions of the terms is now priority one. The Flipped Learning terminology timetable will be published by the end of May.

May 30th – Aggregation | Analysis | Voting

Proposed global standards aggregation completed. Submissions analyzed and sorted and submitted for delegate votes.  Delegate vote completed on schedule.

August 28th – Project on schedule 

Global Standards set for delegatee preview the first week of September. The draft will be released for public comment in late September.