The International Flipped Learning Award 2020

Recognizing Leadership

A  World-Class Validation of Active Learning

In 2017 the first International Flipped Learning Award was presented to Professor Eric Mazur at Harvard University for his pioneering work in with flipping his classes using peer instruction. Since then the award has been presented to five educators and institutions for their contributions to advance active learning through the Flipped classroom framework. The honorees include:

  • The Minister of Education Mg. Ivonne Aquino  who launched an ambitious program to flip the entire 420,000 student school system in Misiones Argentina
  • The University of Adelaide who pioneered Flipped Learning in Australia in their school of Dentistry
  • Dr. Raul Santiago for his work in translating the principles and best practices of Flipped learning and organizing conferences to introduce the model in Spain and Spanish speaking communities around the world.
  • MEF University, the first university started from the ground up based on the Flipped Learning model
  • The University of Nothern Colorado, for its work with creating the Flipped Learning Academy and hosting the Higher Education Flipped Learning conference now in its fifth year.

Last year the IFL award was renamed the Eric Mazur Flipped Learning Award and this year it will be presented virtually a notable pioneer for exceptional work in advancing the adoption of active learning using the Flipped Learning framework.


About the IFL Award

The International Flipped Learning Award is presented by the Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences (AALAS).  The award recognizes Flipped Learning and active learning practitioners, researchers, and administrators, as well as Model Schools and universities around the world. AALAS has partnered with the creators of the BAM Education Awards to launch the International Flipped Learning Awards program. AALAS is excited to present a world-class honor to recognize pioneering active learning around the globe.

Designed to precise specifications and handcrafted by sculptor Michael De Medina, the award statuette is made of the same material as an Oscar, is two pounds heavier than an Emmy, and at 12 inches tall strikes a presence as impressive as both the coveted Oscar and Emmy Awards. Each statuette is hand-finished and individually numbered.

The elegant, iconic beauty of the statuette lends a distinction to the recipients of the award that will grow in meaning and value over time.


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