SWS Presenter Instructions

Creating Your Second Wave Virtual Summit Ed Talk

Thanks for registering to present at the Second Wave Summit | 2020. We are excited to host a conference where everyone who has experience with Flipped Learning and valuable insights to share has the opportunity to present. The Second Wave Summit is dedicating a section of the virtual conference to three-minute Ed Talks on lessons learned during the transition to remote teaching and learning. A Three-minute Ed Talk is a cogent, concise, fast-paced video presentation. You can think of it as a much shorter TED Talk on a Flipped Learning topic. Your talk should be pre-recorded on video based on the criteria below. When your presentation is ready, submit the video using the link at the bottom of this page. All presentations that meet the criteria will be presented along with the panel discussions at the Second Wave Summit and town hall.


A sample

How to create your talk

You can use Zoom, PowerPoint, a video camera, or a camera phone. The choice is yours. Your final video just needs to meet these criteria.

– Good audio
– HD video
– Good lighting
– Landscape orientation and good framing 
– Clean uncluttered background
– Well edited and ready to go live
– A single, clear, fresh idea, well presented in three minutes ( Yup, the demo is 3:27 even the masters struggled  to hit the goal, but if you do you get a prize!)



When your video presentation is ready upload it to the link below. Your presentation will be peer-reviewed and added to the collection of Three-minute Ed Talks as long as it meets the criteria above. Accepted presentations will appear on the site. No further notices will be sent.

NOTE: If your video file is over the 100MB you can compress it using this free tool 

Video Upload


Thanks for your submission!