AALAS Research Fellows

Research Cohort

All successful implementation of Flipped Learning begins with good pedagogy, but the pedagogy of effective Flipped Learning is evolving rapidly. All around the globe, researchers and practitioners are adding to the knowledge base of Flipped Learning best practices based on experience, research, and new technologies. Much of the most current knowledge about Flipped Learning resides in isolated silos of experimentation around the world. To keep pace with the evolution of Flipped Learning, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Flipped Research Lab. FLGI’s Flipped Research Lab was created to aggregate and distribute the growing body of global knowledge around the evolution of Flipped Learning. The Lab features the work of our worldwide cohort of distinguished Flipped Learning Fellows. Follow and collaborate with us as we:

  • identify, curate, and track relevant research about Flipped Learning.
  • produce ongoing literature reviews which are simple and easy to read. 
  • write white papers about Flipped Learning to be published for the global community.
  • organize, collaborate, and conduct research on Flipped Learning.