Reopening Schools and Universities: Preparing for the New Normal
July 1 - July 31

Preparing for the Unknown

The second wave refers to the looming threat of the return of COVID-19 in the fall that may drive another round of school closures and remote learning. It also refers to the second round of contingency planning and preparation we all now need to do to prepare for the uncertainty of whatever is coming next. AALAS is bringing together educators and administrators who embraced the Flipped Learning framework (and those who didn’t) to share, prepare, and plan for the future of education in a post COVID-19 world.

Sharing What Worked and Why

As COVID-19 spread, millions of educators around the world figured out how to make a rapid transition to online learning (RTOL). The magnitude of what we had to know and do was overwhelming. But so are the volumes of innovative strategies educators devised to make the leap. Many of the lessons learned are globally applicable and invaluable. As we pause to regroup, now is a good time to get global perspectives on what worked and why. What lessons can we carry forward as we prepare for the new normal?

Global Perspectives


 Over 89% of Schools Worldwide Closed: What’s Next?


Sharing What Works 

In March, AALAS surveyed over 2,000 teachers, administrators, IT managers, professors, instructional designers, education technologists, deans, schools of education, and instructional coaches who were making a rapid transition to online learning. We were astounded by what we learned. This virtual summit is a worldwide initiative to begin to capture and cross-pollinate those ideas, best practices, innovations, and technologies as we prepare our schools for whatever is coming next.

AALAS is bringing together educators who embraced the Flipped Learning framework and those who didn’t. 

  • We’ll review their transition plans and look for lessons learned
  • We’ll look for misconceptions debunked, errors made, and strategies to be avoided
  • We’ll get global perspectives on how educators are preparing for the next term, the second wave, and the new normal



International Panels and Town Halls

The big questions we’re all asking are basically the same.  But the answers vary when viewed through the lens of k12 teachers, education technologists, centers for teaching and learning, university professors, instructional designers, etc. Find your cohort to join the global discussions that are relevant to you.


Each panel discussion is linked to a virtual town hall, to ensure everyone can participate in this sharing and learning event. We are hosting 10 town halls in different time zones and countries around the world. We've also invited educators to host their own town halls, around these 10 panel discussions to get out of our echo chamber and widen our perspective.
Getting Rest or Getting Ready?
We're all at various stages of recovering from the rapid transition to online learning. So we've expanded the Second Wave Summit into a month-long event -- July 1- July 31.  The aim is to remove the time pressure and provide multiple times and opportunities for everyone who is interested in pausing, reflecting, and sharing to join this global discussion.
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 Expand Your Global Network

Connect and learn with a community of experienced Flipped Learning practitioners from around the world.



Second Wave Global Summit | 2020

If you’re ready to pause, reflect, recharge, and prepare for “the new normal,”  join us on this month-long virtual retreat. Starting July 6th  educators from around the globe will start sharing what we’ve learned. We’ll start exchanging strategies that are relevant to you in this unprecedented moment.  Be part of this international initiative to plan for the future of education in a post-COVID-19 world. Get inspired,  get rejuvenated, get ready.



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